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Have you seen any big black droppings? Then you will
probably need a rat control in Paris! Do you feel scratches
behind floors, walls or ceilings? Can you smell a distinctive
ammonia like smell? If you encounter any of these signs,
you may have a rat problem, so call us now for rat control
services in Paris! What are rats? Paris ratification
30cm + length
15cm + tail length
75 - 230 grams of weight
Black or brown in color.
Rats vary in size but tend to be considered medium-sized
rodents, much larger than a mouse. There are two types of
rats, the black rat (Rattus Rattus) and the brown rat (Rattus
Where can I find a good rake in Paris?
How to get rid of rats in Paris? ratization Paris
The best way to eliminate rats is to use a registered
professional rat control company based in Paris. Our
cleaning service provider company specialized in Parisian
de ratification. We o!er custom rat treatment plans that
will be the most elective way to eliminate rats from your
individual property or commercial premises. We can
eliminate rats from residential or commercial properties
and older different services for each unique situation.
Looking for rat control experts in Paris? If so, you have
come to the right place because we o!er a variety of pest
management services.

The most e!ective methods of deratification Paris

Why do I have rats? when ratification Paris becomes
Rats often enter properties due to external influences such
as construction work, basement renovations and adverse
weather conditions. However, rats will also enter a house if
there is a constant and easily available food source.
If you find evidence of rats or if you want advice on rat
control from a Paris parasite specialist, contact us, contact
us today for a Paris rat control.
Why are rats harmful in Paris?
Rats are a pest because they pose a serious risk to human
and domestic animal health. Rats carry many diseases such
as salmonella, E. coli, tuberculosis and Weil's disease. Rats
also carry other parasites such as fleas, lice and ticks,
which means that the control of rats in Paris is essential
when it comes to eliminating these rodents from your
environment.According to the article in the weekly
deratification Paris
In addition to being a serious health risk, rats can also
cause electric fires because they often eat away at
electrical cables and wires.

Our team of professional deratization Paris 

Since 1998, we have been doing our DNP Paris deratification
job with seriousness and professionalism. In everyday life
from Monday to Sunday 24 hours a day. We can act and do
anti-rat treatment in your premises, home or pest-exposed
area. A Paris rasterization company that will accompany
you to fight these rodents.Paris rasterization
Urgent deratization 24/7
    Deratization Paris and Ile de France
Preventive treatment
Traps and anti-rat bait
Intervention with or without an appointment
Deratization Paris | A pro of deratization on 0184608417 on
mobile phone at 0764270548.